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All games that Banjo Patterson is registered in:
Zalig Kerstfeest! (completed)
Dam it Jim, Im only a doctor! starship enterprise v2 (completed)
Hogwars advance (completed)
DaMn it Jim, I'm only a Doctor in endless lands
Endless (completed)
ME (completed)
Ukraine in the Brain (completed)
Civitatis Dei (completed)
My adopted home (completed)
See what you can do do (completed)
Dont come back (completed)
Charlemagne (completed)
bfg338-- roman empire (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
IR (completed)
Mxyzptlk (completed)
1111 (completed)
Endless Lands 2 Leaders 2 Fortifications Dec 11 (completed)
bfg336-- modern europe
India is great 57 (completed)
WHFO (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
What are we fighting for? (completed)
despot xi jin ping rape of china (completed)
New Game LX (completed)
Endless Lands in the Dark (completed)
13 (completed)
Nov 30 (completed)
ruready4 Napoleon Redux LVI (completed)
India is great 54 (completed)
bfg335-- roman empire (completed)
Big Game V (completed)
LG (completed)
Hexagonal Review III (completed)
Hexagonal Review II
new (completed)
New Game XXVII (completed)
IR (completed)
Endless Lands (completed)
ruready4 EarthAntLG LXVII (completed)
ruready4 british isles LXVII (completed)
ruready4 Napoleon Redux LII (completed)
India is great 34 (completed)
Endless Lands 2 Leaders 2 Fortifications Sept 13 (completed)
hemp (completed)
Pick your Game of Thrones Name
3 Days in Belarus (completed)
India is great 33 (completed)
FoW Chaos Conflict - 24 hours
Seattle Slough (completed)
IR (completed)
The Zone of Inhibition
A Foggy Week on the Giant Map
Hogwars advance (completed)
Birds fly south (completed)
Will this game fill or will the world end first (completed)
90% of the people in this game are losers
There are currently no open public games (completed)
veni vidi vici (completed)
Away (completed)
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (completed)
And More (completed)
We Need More (completed)
Giantmap 40-1
Centennial: 100 players

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