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All games that Derocker is registered in:
Pick Your Game of Thrones Alias
Half a Fortnight at Foggy Camp Capture
A foggy week on a map I've never played
Why nobody make no more week long games no more? (completed)
A Game That May Never Begin or End
Pick your Game of Thrones Name
A Foggy Week on the Giant Map
A Foggy Week in the Holy Roman Empire
A Foggy Week with My Sitar and ur Mama
A week of Khaos (FOG)
A week in Dark Ages Europe(FOG) (completed)
A week in Modern Europe(FOG)
A week in Ukraine standard (completed)
wut wut
A week with My Sitar and ur Mama (completed)
7 Days in Ireland (completed)
Sitcom Battle 6x6
I'm dead Jim!
The Next 5 year long game
dispersion immersion 5
giantmap 55-20
It'll be over quickly

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